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St. Peter the Fisherman Church - Contact

Church Bulletin
Contact names and numbers:
Baptism Prep: Tina Johnson 425-3145
Mass Servers: Fr. Norbert 425-2832
RCIA: Fr. Norbert 425-2832
Pastoral Advisory Board: Bob Wochner 688-3167
Parish Religious Education: Chris Langley 425-2832 ext 3
Catholic Youth Ministry: Brandi Noval 425-2832 ext 4
Adult Choir: John Barnes 421-0109
Contemporary Music Group: Patty Shay

Lay Dominicans: Tina Johnson 425-3145
Council of Catholic Women: Lynn Weaver 479-616-4063
Knights of Columbus: Robert Anderson 707-0002
Knights of Columbus (4th Degree): Steve Gutting 425-7117
Clothing Center (Family Ministry): 508-4331
St. Vincent de Paul Society: 424-0926
Scripture Study:
Sacrament of Baptism
Sacrament of Marriage
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Preparation class for parents and godparents is required. Please contact the Church Office for dates and time of Baptisms and information.
Preparations for marriage must begin at least six months before anticipated date of wedding. Please contact one of the priests at 424-4841.
Half hour before every Mass: Sunday, weekday, and by appointment.
Diocese of Little Rock
St. John Catholic Center
(501) 664-0340 
Chris Langley PRE
Brandi Noval CYM
Tina Johnson Finance
Mary Jo Rudnik Secretary