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How to View St Peter's Masses Online

Download the brochure, "St Peter's Masses Online"

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St Peter’s Mass Video Times 

St Peter’s Masses are streamed every day with the following exceptions: Internet or camera issues; inclement weather; or camera person absent.

The Mass can be watched “live”, as it is being celebrated; or the Mass can be watched later, as a video.

One Sunday Mass is streamed. The time is posted on St Peter’s website here.

The daily Mass is streamed at 7:15 am.

How to Watch the Mass

Go to St Peter’s website: or

search on

St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church

In the upper left corner, click on MASS VIDEOS.

Your next screen will be St Peter’s Mass videos.

Click on the Mass video you want to watch

Mass Times When Out of Town

To find the location of a Mass at the closest Catholic Church in the area where you are located,
go here:

You can also search on:

Catholic church near me




The Sacraments of the Catholic Church, including attendance at Holy Mass as a Sunday Obligation, must be done in person. Watching Holy Mass on the internet or on television does not fulfill one’s Sunday Obligation because you cannot receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, nor can you share in the “Sign of Peace.”

For those who have been dispensed from attending Holy Mass, either because of illness, infirmity, or old age, the televised or video Mass offers to them a spiritual benefit.

For more information on dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass in person, go to the Diocese of Little Rock website (, and search for “Watching Mass from Home”.*

*Adapted from Diocese of Little Rock, “Watching Mass from Home: Online Options are Plentiful” []