For grades 6th-10th

Contact Brandi Noval 870-425-2832 ext. 4

Email: brandi@spccmtnhome.org


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One Saturday a month (schedule permitting) we will take a group of registered JUMP students out for a service project opportunity. It will consist of a variety of service projects followed by a lunch/Dinner Mass and social activity.

This, “fostering of relationships” builds on the catholic bond between students. Building relationships has never been more critical than today. Nowadays, teenagers are more isolated and have fewer closer friends. They are drifting away from activities with personal interaction, they are struggling to connect. Teens crave meaningful relationships and pine for connections more reliable than wifi.

We also believe that service is a lifelong commitment within the catholic church not just when your young and turning in those “service hour” quotas. I want to foster the idea that to serve is to be “Christ like” and that we should never stop “serving”.

Each family that registers will be asked to commit to chaperoning one JUMP Saturday during the year. This is the only way we can provide this type of ministry. All Parents must pass the safe environment training offered by the DOLR.

 Please consider enrolling your student in the JUMP program this year. YOU MUST RE-ENROLL EACH YEAR. This is completely separate from the Wednesday night CYM program.  Registration Papers will be mailed next week please contact me if you do not receive yours!


Brandi Noval

Director of Youth Ministry