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We welcome all visitors to St. Peter's Catholic Church, and thank you for celebrating the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist with us. We wish you the most enjoyable stay in our beautiful area and pray for a safe journey home.

Parish Mission

Richly blessed in numbers, talents and resources, we the people of St. Peter the Fisherman Roman Catholic Church, are commissioned by Christ, inspired by his teaching, motivated by love and called by our very Baptism to be the living sign of God's loving presence in the community of the Twin Lakes Area.

Messages from Fr. Norbert during the COVID-19 Virus Church cancellations.

Look for updates on Flocknote emails, text, and CYM Facebook page.

Messages from the Pastor\  

Live Stream Mass with Fr. Norbert


We are excited to announce that we will be live streaming Father Norbert’s Masses! 





Holy Thursday:  Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Livestreamed at 6:00 PM 

Adoration in Chapel from 7:00 Pm to 12:00 PM Midnight

Good Friday: 

Stations of the Cross livestreamed at 3:00 PM

Veneration of the Cross Live Streamed at 6:00 PM

No Adoration

Holy Saturday: 

Church Decorated from 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

12:00 Noon Blessing of Easter Baskets in DeClerk parking lot

At 8:00 PM THE EASTER VIGIL Livestreamed

No Adoration/Church will be locked at 6:00 PM

Easter Sunday:

8:00 AM Easter Mass will be livestreamed

9:00 AM Church will be open for visitation until 6:00 PM

No Adoration

Monday of Easter Week:

Adoration resumes at 8:00 AM 

For those watching the livestreamed Masses and services during Holy Week:

Active Participation: I emphasize the importance of spiritual Communion and I encourage the people viewing livestreamed liturgies to actually be participants, not spectators standing, sitting, kneeling, voicing the responses, singing the songs if they know them, etc.

Holy Thursday: Although Rome has indicated that the optional washing of the feet should not be done in the private liturgical celebrations of Holy Thursday that we will be live streaming this year, people could still wash each other’s feet within the family as a tangible act once the broadcast Holy Thursday has ended.

Good Friday: People could use one of their own crosses for veneration in their home at the time when we will be venerating the cross in the Good Friday liturgy.

Easter Vigil: People could light a special candle in their home at the same time (after dark-say 8:00 PM) that the Easter Candle is being lit (no Easter fire, just lit with a match)  and the Exultet is being sung and stay lit throughout their viewing/participation in the service.


I finished the Nine Day Novena of Masses this past Sunday for the children and youth of the parishes of St. Peter’s and St. Mary’s.  May our heavenly Father grant to each child, teen and young adult the special graces they need to navigate through the diabolical pitfalls and falsehoods that they are facing each day in their lives at their schools, on social media and television.  Especially about attacks on their faith, confusion of gender identity, definition of love, sexting and porn, occult material, and the exclusion of the Catholic and Christian history from their study of World History, and the Lie of Relativism.  May our God cleanse them of the wisdom this age and bathe them abundantly in the wisdom of Christ. The way the truth and the life, Grace upon Grace Lord!  Grace upon Grace.  Please keep our youth in your prayers.

  • The Divine Mercy Novena starts on Good Friday and ends Divine Mercy Sunday, April 19th.   Pamphlet is in the back of Church.

Plenary Indulgence granted

The USCCB has also announced that, with the special permission of the Apostolic Penitentiary of the Holy See, a plenary indulgence is available “for all those who join Archbishop Gomez in praying the Litany of Sacred Heart on Good Friday.”  A livestream of the Litany of Sacred Heart with Archbishop Gomez will  be available on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ website: www.lacatholics.org  and on the USCCB Facebook page: www.facebook.com/usccb.

Coming soon Wifi in the Church!!!!!!!!!!!!





A Note from Fr. Norbert:    April 1, 2020

THE CHURCH REMAINS OPEN!!  There are two realities to this statement.  Firstly, the physical church remains open for Adoration, prayer, confession and private stations.  I hope many who are able are taking advantage of this blessing.  Jesus awaits us in a special way in His Real Presence in the Eucharist.  I have not noticed many young families bringing their children to Church.  It’s good to bring them at least once a week for a visit and explain why you still come even when there is no Mass.  Plus, there is an outdoor Stations of the Cross and we are providing small pamphlets of the “Way of the Cross” to take home. These pamphlets can be used by the parents to lead the Stations so consider making a family visit.

Secondly, the Real Presence of Christ, that each home contains as the Domestic Church is still open, alive and well.  Moms and dads, husbands and wives and each widow or single vocation you are the heads of your church, you are its presiders.  How are you leading your church?  Some points to consider when answering the question.

Décor: when you look around your home, does it say church?  Are there pictures, statues, and an altar for the word of God?  When people enter do, they know your Christian and Catholic? 

Atmosphere: is it distracting, leading your mind toward the world or when you enter does it bring peace and prepare your mind for prayer and thoughts of God?   Do you have music that is prayerful?  A small library of books that can be used for reflection and study:  A quiet prayer space for the classroom of silence?  Most importantly, do you have a prayer time?  (a home version of the daily Mass).

The Church remains open to the extent that the doorway to church is our hearts.  “Where the heart is there your treasure will be”’ You saints in Christ this is a time to re-establish family and home church and the important role home plays in faith formation as a single, couple or family with children.  Where faith is strong at home, faith is alive and strong at church.  This is the best Lent ever, it will be the best Easter ever, and it will the best Pentecost ever.  For God is strengthening Church in the homes, family in the home’s leaders of Faith in the homes.  Awakening us to become the Saints we are.

Just as a reminder:  there will be no Triduum Masses.  So, plan now how you will celebrate these beautiful Holy Days at home.   Of course, Easter Sunday; how will you make it a holy memory in your church?  Start planning now because the CHURCH REMAINS OPEN!











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Mass Schedule


Due to the nations heightened level of awareness due to the COVID-19 virus our Bishop's mandate for public Masses immediately as of March 21-22 that all Masses shall be suspended.  

Since Bishop Anthony B. Taylor announced the suspension of all public Masses, the Diocese of Little Rock has compiled a list of online resources to help you stay connected and continue to practice your faith at home, including Masses, readings and prayers.  

This list at dolr.org/covid will be updated frequently as new information becomes available. 

Also, St. Peter's Parish, in response to the Bishops mandates is mailing out a letter to all parishioners implementing changes and practices for Adoration, Reconciliation opportunities, cancellations and much more!  We will also be sending through Flocknote.

For more information contact the church office.